WordPress Theme Change

Thinking about changing your Site's Look and Feel? This is for you!

Quick and efficient theme changes

No-fuss theme changes

Theme changes can be daunting for most. We are here to make it a little easier. Don’t be scared to change your theme with a little help from iMark Interactive.

What's Included In Our Service?

Staging Setup

The best way to change a theme is to stage it (just a copy of your site) so you can see everything before it goes live. We do just that. This ensures your live site will run without interruption.

Install and Setup

Once on staging, we will install your theme of choice and set it up like the demo of the new theme, but with your content, colors, and logo. Fonts will come from the new theme.

Tweaks & Edits (3 included)

Almost no one wants to take a new theme exactly as it is. We provide up to three (3) changes to the demo layout. This can be font changes, new colors, features, or coding. Up to 30 minutes for each change.

Move Live

This can be the scary part, but we take care of it. We will take the work done on staging and move it live at the time you choose to reduce issues with your traffic.

Pricing starts at $497

If you only need what is included in our service above, then it will be the price stated. Please read our FAQ to make sure this is the service you need. We do what we can to make sure you aren’t surprised by new fees and will be upfront if what you ask for is beyond the scope of the original quote.

Have Questions?

We Have Answers

Great question. For theme changes, we like to bill after. The reason? So you are satisfied with everything.

Here is what the base fee includes:

  • Your site staged on our development server
  • New theme installed and setup like the demo with your content, colors, sidebar widgets, and logo
  • Three (3) changes to the theme based on the demo layout
  • Moving the theme live to your server when you are ready
  • Support after for 3 days to make sure things are OK and set.

This is important. If you have used a theme such as Divi that uses a page builder and you built pages and your posts, these will need to be migrated to your other theme. This can be time consuming. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Short answer, No. 

This is a theme change service to get your site on a different theme that you choose. It’s not a custom theme design, which is something we don’t often provide. We can customize the theme for you to make it a bit different, but contact us first for a quote.

You are welcome to pay for the service with credit cards or PayPal at this time.

We’d be happy to accommodate you with these changes. Once you provide a full list of what you need, we can give you a quote. This will be added onto the project cost.

This really depends entirely on how many changes need to be done. Typical theme change can take a week, but can be shorter or longer depending on communication and changes needed.

Well, we are here to help you with anything we can. We take our customer service seriously. Please look at our Facebook reviews to see how we have treated others.


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