Tired of Google Indexing Notices?

If you get emails about indexing issues from your Google search console, you are not alone!

If you have Google search console, you are used to getting random emails from them about “indexing” issues on your website. Unfortunately, it can take hours of sifting through their reports to see if there are truly any indexing issues on your website.

Google search console provides you with information of whatever they find across the web and it doesn’t always mean it’s correct or your true URLs.

We created this service to scan all of your published posts, pages, categories, etc from your sitemap to make sure they are indexed.

You will receive a report of all the URLs indexed, not indexed, the clicks associated with them, and why any URLs that are in your sitemap might not be indexed. You will also receive the master data sheet that provides more in depth information about all your URLs directly from Google’s API.

What’s Included in Our Index Check


We use your sitemap which should provide all the URLs you actually want indexed and check that against the Google index API to make sure they are indeed indexed.


Along with our index check, we are able to pull Google impression, click, and click-through rate data for all your URLs. This will show you how popular your content is and what is driving the traffic

3. REport

We provide you with a Google sheet with all your data exported from Google’s API. You can use this data to look deep into your site information and see which URLs are performing. You can also see how many URLs aren’t indexed and why Google said they were not.

notice: Google’s API has limitations of 2,000 URLs that can be checked per day, per search console property. If you have more than 2,000 live URLs in your sitemap, this can take a few days based on these limitations.

Get Started

Our index check costs $49