Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We created this simple FAQ area to answer your most burning questions. These are some of the questions we get regularly and tried to put them together here. If you still aren’t sure and have a question, no problem. Just contact us.

No matter if you are monthly customer or just need a one-time project done, you can reach us in a few ways.

No, we only support self-hosted WordPress sites. If you are hosted and powered by, please reach out to their support.

There is a difference between the two. Self-hosted means you have a host like SiteGround, NameHero, BigScoots, etc and WordPress is installed on there.

First off, thank you for thinking of using iMark Interactive for your WordPress needs. We have a few different services available, so please check out our services section to see what we can help with. If you’re interested in our monthly support plans, please go here.

If you aren’t sure, just reach out to us at any time! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you contact us during our normal operation hours, we typically can respond to your questions within an hour. Our current resolution time for a ticket is 1 hour and 37 minutes. This time depends on what you need, how detailed the original request is, and what our current ticket queue looks like.

We do not offer hosting and have no plans to offer this as a service. Simply put, hosts are good at hosting and we are good at WordPress support. Rarely do we see really good hosts be really good at WordPress support. Same the other way.

In the past 15 years, we have seen many companies fall apart when trying to offer both of these services. You can only really be good at one or the other, not both. If you need a good host, please check out our recommended hosts.

We are happy to help sites with an existing design tweak their design a bit. We do not offer full web design services and we do not build custom websites from scratch. We do provide starter sites for people just starting out to get them on the right footing, but that is very different than a full custom website design. As with hosting, designers are good at design. We are good at WordPress support. They are two very different services. We will stick to what we are good at!

We like to keep our prices low to provide support for anyone who needs it. That’s what makes our service special. We do have a few sales here and there, but not often. As a monthly support customer, you are entitled to discounts on our development time should you need it. We also offer discounts on managing more than one site at a time. You can contact us for more details.

If you are interested in our monthly support plans and want to pay yearly, we do not currently offer this. The reason is simple. We want to make it easy for you to control your service with us and we don’t like contracts. Monthly payments make it easy for you to choose what is best for your organization at any time. It’s flexible and easy!

In order to keep our prices low, we don’t currently offer phone support. The main reason is our team is much more efficient over email and it’s better for both parties to have a chain of what needs to be done. We have also found over the 15 years of doing this that phone support is most often the most inefficient form of support offered. You can reach us via email and live chat when you have questions.

For updates we include in our service are plugins, themes, and WordPress core. We only update themes if they are available for update in the WordPress dashboard. If we have to manually update a theme, this typically doesn’t count as a job or included. An additional fee does apply.

There are only a few cases when you should update a plugin immediately and that is usually due a security flaw. Anyone that has used WordPress for a long time knows that giving plugins a few days to clean any update bugs out is important.


We run backups daily for your site (offsite) and we do run plugin updates at least weekly, but there will alway be updates needed as we test across our network to minimize issues.

For monthly support customers who are on the Ready plan or higher, you get access to a few premium plugins to make your life easier. At this time, these are the plugins we include for all customers:

  • WPRocket – Premium Caching
  • Convert Pro – Premium optin creation/management
  • Social Rocket Pro – premium social sharing
  • Elementor Pro – Premium page builder
  • ShortPixel with 3,000 image credits – image optimization
  • Gravity Forms Pro – contact form builder
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro – for developing custom area on your site/posts
  • WP Notification Bar Pro – email or notice bars at the top/bottom of your site
  • Bloom – email optin service
  • ThristyAffiliates Pro – affiliate link management with auto linking

When you become a monthly customer, we do not automatically install these plugins. The reason is every site is different and not everyone wants these plugins installed. If you are a monthly customer and one any of these, just submit a ticket and we will install them.

In our support plans, they have “jobs” that can be done each month. Jobs are simply tasks that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. These can include things like tracking implementation, plugin installation, CSS/design tweaks, bug fixes, and many more. If you are not sure if something classifies as a job, just ask!

Here are a few examples of jobs that we can do for you:

     – Font Style changes (font size, weight, style, line height, etc)
     – Google analytics tracking assistance
     – Theme tweaks such as adding new widgets, fixing bugs, etc.
     – Custom CSS coding to help you design your site/theme the way you want it.
     – Tracking pixel implementation from Facebook, Pinterest, or other third party services.
     – Permalink changes with 301 redirects
     – Redirect setup in plugin or on the server
     – Checking errors in Google search console
     – Premium plugin implementation
     – Email  marketing DNS authentication for help with deliverability
     – Pop-up creation using plugins
     – Helping with hosting server issues

*Please note that we do not go looking for jobs on your site each month. These are to be requested by you when you need something.

Unfortunately, we do not allow this. Each job is specified for one task. You cannot bundle jobs together to get a bigger project done. Sorry.

I think mobile phone services stopped roll over data years ago and we don’t offer that kind of service either. As a lean support organization, we can’t allow customers to roll over unused jobs each month. They are a “use it or lose it” system where if you don’t use your jobs that month, they are gone. This enables us to keep our pricing low. Plans with unlimited jobs do not have to worry about this.

On our Fire and Bullseye plans, yes, we do offer unlimited jobs. This is within reason. If you are going to submit 60 tickets a day for jobs, this wouldn’t be something our organization would be able to handle. We just won’t limit the number of jobs you can put through each month within reason.

Unlimited jobs does not mean you can use them toward projects that are very large. Since we don’t offer bundling of jobs, you would need to still pay for our custom development fee.

For any service, you can choose between PayPal or using a credit card. We do not currently accept checks, money orders, bitcoin, or any other form of payment. We are thinking about payment with cookies though 🙂

We didn’t want to have to do this, but after several years in business, we have found that some like to take advantage of the low price of our monthly support plans in order to get things they need done and then leave.

We are here to support your site, but we want to grow with you. We want to be your tech support, so adding a 3-month minimum insures this can happen. If you need to cancel before the 3 months are up, you will be required to pay out the rest of the time.

No matter if you are using us for just a one-time project or are a monthly customer, we need your hosting login information. The reason is most of the time we need to do something on the server and can’t without this information.

If you know how to provide FTP information, this will work as well, but many times we will need cPanel if you have it. Not all hosts provide you with cPanel. Just ask your host first. You can share this information in our vault and provide us with the link so your information is safe. Always make sure to change your password if you are using us for a one-time project. That’s just good security!

This is something we are actively working toward. It’s very hard for any organization to provide 24/7 support and keep up with the high customer service standard we set here at iMark Interactive. Right now, our support is active from 9am to 7pm EST during the week. We are available on the weekends for emergency issues.

Since we don’t offer hosting, you always have the option to contact your host if there is an emergency issue. They are there to support your site as well and can often help.

You only need to log in if you are a monthly support customer. This only provides you with access to update your payment information, cancel your plan, or reach out to us over email.

To log in, just go here or click on the Login button in the menu.