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Welcome to the New iMark Interactive

iMark Interactive logoIt has been a while since anything has been on this blog.  I started this site years ago to share my journey as an online business owner.  I was running an e-commerce site selling consumer electronics. I learned a lot of valuable information in the four years at the helm.  While I still love online businesses, I have switched my focus and the focus of my business.  iMark Interactive is now a site dedicated to providing services to other business and website owners.

Service Offerings

I have a wide range of services, which I provide to anyone looking for them.  I am an accomplished freelance writer, who has written on sites like The Huffington Post and DailyFinance.  You can view many samples on my freelance writing service page.  I am available for both staff writing on websites and blogs or just generating content.  Whether you need help bolstering your content or need a dedicated staff writer, please check out my services and then contact me.

WordPress Services

Blogging is such a great way to express yourself along with market your business. I have been blogging on WordPress since it began.  I have a portfolio of sites which I run, but I also provide WordPress blog management for those running blogs.  I do this because not everyone understands the technical aspects of running a website. I do.  I have been doing this for years and have many satisfied customers.  If you have a WordPress blog, let me know and I would be happy to manage your blog from the technical side.

I also offer a free WordPress installation service.  This service will get those wanting to start blogging get up and running in no time.  The best part is the service is free.  You don’t have to pay a thing for it.  There are some stipulations and you can learn more about this service and contact me if you are interested.

Web Hosting/Domain Services

When you run a website, it can be hard to find a host to keep up with you.  You need a dedicated web hosting company to help your site stay online. I have switched hosts many times over the years in order to find the best service and best price.  If you are in need of transferring your site from one host to another, please contact me. I provide this service on top of helping those wanting to transfer a domain to their registrar.

Custom Website Work

I learned how to code my first site from scratch. I also developed my entire e-commerce site from the ground up.  I have learned quite a few things in my time online.  If you need help with certain development needs, please let me know.  I do not design websites from scratch, but I can help you tweak them if something needs to be changed.

Free Information

What is a site without some quality free information?  I will be blogging here and there about things related to running a blog or issues with websites.  I built my reputation off of the free information I provided to individuals.  As this site continues to grow, you will learn more about WordPress and how you can succeed online.

You can also check out my favorite resources when blogging and running a business. These resources will be evolving over time as I work in more tools and sites which I use and love.

I am excited to be relaunching iMarkInteractive.com and look forward to where this takes me.  As my freelance business grows, I hope I am able to help more grow their businesses as well.

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