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Get your WordPress blog installed and setup for free from @imarkinteractiv!

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Do You Need Help Starting a WordPress Blog?

We've been using WordPress for over 13 years. To say we know the platform is an understatement. Because of our affinity toward everything WordPress, we've decided to offer free WordPress blog installation and basic setup. What does this mean exactly? How is it free?

​Our entire business model is helping WordPress bloggers get started and scaling over time. It's what we do best!

Grayson makes working with him easy. He can explain what he is doing even to technical idiots like me. He is efficient and professional.

Kim Orr

We offer free blog installation and setup only for self-hosted WordPress blog users, and to those without website hosting who are willing to use one of our recommended website hosts, SiteGround or GreenGeeks. Why do we recommend them? Because they are awesome. Most of our clients are using either service and have been very happy. We also use them ourselves for other websites.

To qualify for the free WordPress installation, you need to purchase your hosting through the buttons below for either SiteGround or GreenGeeks. We only recommend using one of the best hosts out there for the price. Seriously, you can't beat their price or service.

*We do earn a referral for every new customer we send to these companies. This is how we offer our free service. Note, we have been doing this for a long time and only promote and work with hosts we know are excellent and have good services. We don't promote based on money.​

If you already have a hosting account and need help getting your WordPress blog installed and setup, don't worry, we are here to help. We offer a paid service for you. You can learn more here (along with 20% off!)​

​How to Get Started

Start a WordPress blog
  • Click the button below to get started with either SiteGround or GreenGeeks. This will take you to the respective site, where you will need to purchase hosting. If using SiteGround, pick their StartUp plan. If you going with GreenGeeks, go with their WordPress hosting.
  • After you purchase your hosting, send us an email to with your hosting account login details. This is a secure email address and your login details are trashed after we're done. Please also include the theme you want to use. If it's a premium theme (paid for), please attach it to the email. We will install and setup the basic features for the theme, but if you need changes, those aren't included in this free service.
  • We will reply to your help desk ticket asking some questions about how you want your blog set up. Once done, we will get started.
  • Once we finish installing and setting up your blog, we will update your ticket with all the information you need to start blogging!