The Services We Provide

IMPORTANT – We are currently not offering any services outside the quick fix and permalink change to any customers who are not on our monthly support plans. This should only be temporary while we catch up on our backlog of projects.

We’re not your typical WordPress support company. We’re actually much more than that. With our over 15 years of experience blogging on WordPress, we don’t just fix issues. We also help you with strategy and giving you feedback on new features you might want to implement. So, if we are here to support you, we do it through many aspects of your business.

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Many of our clients use us as blogging coaches and a place to throw business ideas off of. We love that aspect of our business and wouldn’t change it for anything. You see, we’ve found our customers are looking for support, but also strategy to help them grow. These are the few services we provide. If you don’t see what you need here, just contact us.

Quick Fix

Have an issue with your site that you're not sure about? Maybe need some CSS/font changes? Let us take care of it quickly.

We Can Help

Our quick fix service can take care of quite a few things for you. Whether is be help with plugins, themes, running updates or backups, we are here to do it.
Order Servce - $47

WordPress Support Plans

One of our most popular service is providing ongoing support for bloggers and businesses using WordPress. You don't have to worry about the tech side anymore.

We're Your Tech Team

Blogging can be chaotic and you have to wear different hats. We provide this support so you don't have to focus on tech and instead on your content and marketing!
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Permalink Change

Want to change your permalink structure to just post name so it doesn't have dates in the URL? We can do that!

Don't be scared of change

We have changed permalinks on thousands of sites. We take care of your site, but also clean up your old structure that is in your content from linking you have done in the past.
Order Servce - $47

HTTPS Integration

Your site needs to be loading over HTTPS and if it's not, you're behind the times. Google will be labeling HTTP sites as NOT SECURE

It's Time to Get Secure

We will switch over your site and handle the redirects so all your links push to HTTPS.
Service on Hold

Theme Change

If you want a new theme setup with your content to look like the theme demo, we can do that for you.

Looking Good!

Changing themes is a necessary thing when blogging. Some are good, others are terrible. We will help you change themes, along with helping you customize it to fit your needs.
Service on Hold

Site Speed

Did you know that if your site loads too slowly, people will leave and not come back? There are many things that can affect your speed.

The Faster, The Better

It's much harder to get a fast site these days. A lot of work goes into getting a site as fast as possible.
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Site Audits

Need someone to look over the technical aspects of your site? We can do that for you!

Checking under the hood!

Over time our sites can get a little bogged down. Different plugins, themes, developers, and code. All of this combined can cause issues. We will look it over and provide you with action items.
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Plugin Audit

Making sure all your plugins are secure and your site actually needs them.

Keep It Clean & Tidy

We don't believe you have to keep your plugins below a certain number, but we do believe in using the right ones. We will check your plugins and make sure your site is safe and functional.
Service on Hold

Hosting Migrations

Do you need to move your host for any reason? We can help you choose a better host and facilitate the migration.

Don't be scared of moving

We take the scary aspects out of moving hosts. It's not as bad as many think it is. We have migrated thousands of sites and can help you as well.
Service on Hold

New Blogger Tune-Up

Are you a new blogger looking to see if you setup your site correctly?

Get it Right from the Start

Being a new blogger is tough, trust us. We've been there. We will look over your site, check quite a few areas where most bloggers make technical mistakes and make sure your site is ready for prime time!
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Custom Development

While we don't provide full website design, we can add custom elements to your existing site.

We Code Too!

While designing websites takes a lot of time, we offer custom development for sites who just need special features or additions to their current theme.
Service on Hold

Website Domain Change

We don't all start on the domain we want, but that shouldn't stop you now. If you want to change your domain and do it right, we are here.

Get the Domain You Want

We will take care of all the technical aspects of moving to a new domain. While some hosts can do it, many don't do it right. Let's get it done right for you!
Service on Hold