Your WordPress Insurance Plan

Introducing the iMark Protect Plan: Your Ultimate WordPress Safeguard

Ensure the resilience and security of your WordPress site with our comprehensive Protect blog insurance plan. Tailored to meet the unique needs of bloggers and WordPress enthusiasts, the Protect plan keeps your site safe in case of emergencies along with backing from our support staff. These plans are made for WordPress-powered websites.

We work very hard to provide every size business and website owner with individual recommendations based on what their site provides, where it’s hosted, and the goals you have for your website/business.

Please take a look at the quick FAQ below to answer any questions you might have about how we work and what we offer.

What the Site Protect Plan Offers

Daily Offsite Backups

All plans come with daily, offsite backups. Backups are stored for 90 days and accessible at any time. These are separate from your host to ensure safety and control.

Daily Malware Scanning

What good is a website if it’s filled with malware? We scan sites daily to make sure they are clean. If malware is found, we will discuss how it can be cleaned out.

Live Firewall Protection

This firewall can help reduce brute force attacks on your site and keep hackers at bay with learning protection based on the newest forms of WordPress hacks across the ecosystem.

Free Site Restores

What good is a backup if you can’t easily restore it. We can quickly restore your site from a daily backup in case something happened or you lost work

Discount Quick Fixes

Our popular quick fix service is used by many customers to get help when they need it. Anyone on this plan receives a discounted rate on the fix service.

What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommend iMark and Strongly Encourage all to have this service! You don’t know you need this service til it’s Crisis mode for many, like myself. Check out the service plans and protect your site! Think of it as your HMO or PPO for Websites n Blogs.
Kimberly Ann Elizabeth
To put it simply, I’d be screwed without iMark Interactive. Or at least would be paying more in therapist bills and anti anxiety medications than what the service costs by a factor of 10. Grayson Bell and his team always respond speedily to requests. Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Travis Hornsby
Grayson was absolutely dope. I mean I had an issue that I’d been dealing with for weeks and my hosting service pretty much rendered it impossible to fix. Grayson fixed it in a nanosecond. I’m pretty sure he is a wizard. If you’re looking for a tech solution, this is your guy! I will definitely seek his help again.
Katoyia Bellamy-Bey

Select Your Billing

Both pricing plans offer the same features mentioned above. There are no refunds once purchased, but you can cancel at any time. If you are looking for the MSN add-on, it’s here.


Billed Monthly
You can cancel at any time

On both plans, you can get a discount for more than one site. Please contact us before purchasing if you want to protect more than one WordPress site.



Billed Yearly
Discount compared to monthly

MSN Pro Plugin

Quick FAQ

We recommend you take a few moments to read through our in depth FAQ page that answers a lot of questions when working with us, but here are a few of the most common ones about the Protect Plan.

Are the prices per domain or site?

Our plans are priced per WordPress site, not domain. You can have two WordPress sites installed on the same domain, one being a sub-domain. These would need to have a separate plan. Please contact us first as we can provide you with a discounted rate for more than one site

Is this a support/maintenance plan?

No, the Protect plan is more of a blog insurance plan but with access to our support team if you should need something done. We don’t manage the updates on your site on this plan and no quick fixes are included, but you are welcome to purchase a discounted quick fix (contact us) at any time.

How do I get support if I need it?

We make it pretty easy. You can email us, use our form, or go into our Facebook group (which you should join anyway). The Protect plan does not include free support, so we will provide a quote for the work needed to be done if we are required to log into your site and make changes.
Email to [email protected]
Use our support form
Join our Facebook Group