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WordPress Guide – How to Setup Permalinks

Hello everyone and my fellow WordPress users. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. I know it’s been some time since I posted an article, but for good reason. I’ve been working on some new material as well as outlining a new course to help new WordPress users get started and succeed on WordPress. It has taken a lot of my time and energy, but I hope to release it soon (no ETA yet).

Today, I wanted to share a quick guide on how to change your permalinks inside WordPress. This is a question I get a lot, so I figured I would create a little video to help you go through it. The change is easy, especially when you’re just starting out. In fact, It’s only about three clicks to get it all done and move on.

How to Change Your WordPress Permalinks

In order to have a nice, clean URL structure, you need to change your permalinks. Some install software that you use with your hosting company will go with the default WordPress structure, which is like this:


That’s just ugly and will do you no good. Luckily, making it look like a clean URL is very easy. You can go from that to this:


All you need to do is head into your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings, then Permalinks

Check out the video below, which will show you exactly how to change your permalinks and why.

I should note that if you’re moving from a service like Blogger or WordPress.com into self-hosted, then make sure you create the same structure in the custom field that matches your current URL structure.

If you have any questions or need any WordPress assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help!


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  1. Thank you so much for offering a free course for WordPress setup. I happen to run across you through Making Sense of Cents comments. I just bought my blog this week and really want to set it up right to start blogging and ultimately, make $$$. But truthfully, have been intimidated by WordPress’s set up platform.

    Am hoping to spend more quality time on this over the weekend. I did sign up for your free course. Hoping you can shed some light on this subject. Am eager to get my blog up and running.