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When Rejection Rears its Ugly Head

We face rejection in some form everyday of our lives.  Rejection comes in many forms and it can affect the strongest willed people.  What is it about rejection that makes us think about what we are doing and how we are doing it?  How can we face rejection with a positive manner and overcome it?  Everyone needs to remember that rejection is always going to happen, no matter who you are and what you do.  Some people will face rejection more than others, but everyone should know how to handle it in the most appropriate manner.  Rejection will still rear it’s ugly head when we are in the online world, so prepare to deal with that as well.  Rejection might hurt for a bit, but you need to make sure that you work on getting past it and keep pushing forward.  If you let rejection stop you from your goals every time, then we would have a very depressing atmosphere.

As more and more people start their own online businesses and websites, everyone should be prepared for some sort of rejection.  It can come in many forms such as affiliate program rejection, directory submission rejection, new inventory supplier rejection, partnership rejections, deal rejections, and many more.  It will always be around you online, so you need to be prepared for it.  While rejection can sting temporarily, everyone needs to learn how to move on from it and hopefully get stronger and wiser because of it.  I have spoken to many that have been rejected so many times with blogging and affiliate marketing that they are scared of trying it again.  I always tell them to just go out and do it.  Guest blogging is one area where you will receive a good amount rejection due to the fact that not everyone will agree with you.  This does not mean that you should never try to guest blog again, but use the criticism from previous times to enhance your offerings.

Most rejections that you might receive usually come with some sort of criticism.  While some of you may take this as an insult, you need to take it as words of wisdom.  Most people that reject you online do it because they have been around for a while.  They know what they are looking for, so if you are not providing it, then why would they need you.  You need to continue to work hard at what you know and love and everything will work out in the long run.  You can always try to reapply to the affiliate program that rejected you, or submit another article as a guest post on a blog.  As time goes on, your skills grow and so does your knowledge.  You might realize what others are looking for out of your work and your online ventures, so you can adapt and succeed.

I know rejection can hurt, but I ask that you do not give up on yourself or your dreams.  If you want to run an online business, then go out and try doing it.  If you want to guest post on someones blog, then write up a great article and submit it to the webmaster.  If you do not try, then you will not succeed.  If you cannot face rejection head on, then you will have a hard time succeeding online.  While rejection can be an ugly beast, sometimes there is a good side to the beast.  You just have to find it!

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