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The Realities of Making Money Online

Making money online is a dream of many.  People think making money online is easier than a traditional job and can be achieved quickly.  There are thousands of ways to “make money” online when someone searches on Google, but how many of them are actually legitimate?  The reality of making money online is only about 1 percent of all that attempt to make money actually do.  This is a very small amount of people compared to the millions that try it every year.   Here are some of the realities of making money online.

Reality: Money Making Programs/Get Rich Quick Programs Do Not Work.

Learn how to make $5000 a day without doing any work!  Making money online is not as easy as many show it to be.  It takes dedication and a lot of work to start producing a good amount of money online.  The harsh reality is that most of the money making programs are just simple schemes that are making the creator money.  People who want to learn how make money onlineto make money online think that the low cost of the program is worth it.  Most money making programs are priced low to entice people order them.  This is the true secret to why the person who is selling the program or secret is making so much money each day.  When someone purchases a program, they usually do so because they have been taken by the sales letter.  This is something created to “sell” you on the idea of purchasing the program.  Many use testimonials from “expert” individuals in their respective fields raving about the product being pitched.  Most of these “experts” are actually paid to provide these glowing testimonials, and many have never actually used the product.  If someone is wishing to make money online, then simply stay away from any money making program.

Reality:  Making Money online is Difficult and Time Consuming.

Making money doing anything is never really easy.  Everything takes effort and making money online is no exception.  The people who actually make decent money online have dedicated their time and effort to do so.  Many of them have researched their idea for countless hours to create the right approach.  Many have paid others to help solidify their idea or product.  There is really nothing online that will make you good money with only a couple hours of work each day.  If someone wants to try their hand in making money online, then they have to be ready to invest the time that is necessary.  The beginning of any venture is where most of the hours will add up.  Some of the most successful money makers have worked up to 18 hours a day starting out their online idea or product.  If this amount of time is not available, then making money online might not work.

Reality:  Blogging is one of the Hardest Ways to Make Money Online.

make money bloggingBlogging has exploded over the past couple of years and it doesn’t seem to slowing down anytime soon.  There are thousands of blogs that divulge the “secrets” to making money blogging, but all of them tell a similar story.  The truth behind blogging is only the most dedicated and unique bloggers actually succeed.  The only way to truly make money blogging is to find a niche that has not been covered well and the start building your blog around that niche.  The main thing is if the passion for the subject matter does not exist, then the blog will fail.  Most bloggers only blog because they think they can make money with their subject matter.  The problem here is their subject matter tends to be the exact same as a countless number of other blogs.  With high competition comes a reduced possibility of making money online.  If someone wants to make money blogging, stick to something that you are passionate about and that does not have a lot of competition online.  One thing to remember is that blogging was first created in order to express ideas and opinions.  It did not take long for others to exploit that fact that money could be made doing so and now that everyone knows, everyone tries.

Reality:  Affiliate Programs can be Promising.

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry, but very few actually know how to manage affiliate programs.  There are affiliatemake money with affiliate marketing programs for almost everything online, from consumer goods to digital downloads.  Most affiliate programs are free to sign up and many can provide great returns.  Affiliate marketing is not very effective unless you have an established website that has traffic.  The hard thing about affiliate marketing is most try to promote products that have the highest payout.  This is the wrong way to use affiliate marketing.  If someone wants to succeed with affiliate marketing, then they will need to choose programs that match their interests and the subject matter of their website.  There is a time commitment with affiliate marketing just as there is with other money making ideas.  Someone wishing to make money with affiliate programs must abide by terms set by the affiliate program as well as follow promotions and other selling points.  While there are many ways to make money online with affiliate marketing, it is a hard industry to get into.  One must know the correct ways to succeed.  There are many great free eBooks out there that provide great information on how to start with affiliate marketing.  Do not pay for an eBook that will “show” you how to market affiliate programs, as they tend to be a large waste of money.  Affiliate programs are the most promising solution for making money online, but remember to do the research before jumping in.

The main idea to take away from this is that making money online is very difficult.  Many try and fail.  If you are looking for a get rich quick idea, then you will not succeed with making money online.  Most of the people that make money are the ones that sell the get rich quick schemes.  Very few succeed in these programs, but money still comes in for the creators as people purchase to make money fast.  The words make money and fast should never be put together.  This is a fantasy that has only been multiplied as the world-wide economy fell apart.  If you are interested in making money online, then use your existing talents to do so.  There are many websites that allow you to become a freelancer and provide services to others for payment.  This is a legitimate way to earn cash online by only using what you know and enjoy.  Not only does it work, but it is also fulfilling and that is something that many tend to forget.  Fulfillment keeps us motivated and on the right track to achieving our goals.  Just remember that “money does not buy happiness”, which is just as true when trying to make money online.

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