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Spoof Warning – Fake BlueHost Emails

I help a lot of customers with their websites. This is one service I love providing to any sized site. When I help customers, I tell them to contact me when they have questions. It’s an easy way to ease their minds when something happens. While I provide a deep level of service for my blog management customers, I still provide assistance to anyone who has used any of my services in the past.

Spoofed BlueHost Email

I got a question the other day regarding a BlueHost email. My customer had two websites on BlueHost. The email, which is below, is telling the customer they have too many directories in their account. This notice intrigued me as there shouldn’t be too many directories. WordPress doesn’t create that many directories in an installation.

BlueHost spoof email

My first step was to log into their BlueHost account and look at their file structure. Immediately, I noticed nothing wrong. There was nothing extra in the account. I wanted to make sure they weren’t being hacked, so that weeded out that issue. When I went to the original email, I looked it over and wondered why they added the link to create a temporary directory. That made no sense. Luckily for me, I’m skeptical of these emails. I hovered over the link and found it was actually going to a Russian website which was spoofing the BlueHost login form.

This is just a warning to look over all emails you get from any service provider. BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting companies, so it makes sense hackers will spoof their site. They do this in order to get your BlueHost account login and then wreak havoc on your account. This is just a form of phishing, which you should always be skeptical of. If there are any links in an email, just hover your mouse over the link and see where it’s pointing. This was an easy one to catch, but it could have been disastrous if any login information was passed through.

[alert type=”notice” accent_color=”” background_color=”” border_size=”1px” icon=”” box_shadow=”yes” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””]If you see any spoof email reportedly from BlueHost, please forward the email, along with all applicable email headers to [email protected].[/alert]

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