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Small Business Checklist Item # 8 – Proper Profit Margins

This is a simple task to accomplish, but we have spoken to many people that have started a business that never really looked into creating prices for their products or services that gave them a positive net margin.  We are sure that many of you have probably done this as your started your business, so this tip is really for those thinking about starting one or just starting one.  Please take the time to properly calculate your profit margins on your products or services.

You have to take in account everything that goes into the sale of the product or service.  How much did it cost to produce, how long did it take you to drive to the location to provide a service, so forth and so on.  Everything needs to be taken into account in order to create a proper profit margin.  You want to cover your costs and make sure that you can still make a profit to continue your business into the future.  If you take the time to do this simple task, then it pay off in the end, really it will actually pay off in the end.

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