Need a WordPress Tune-up?

No matter if you’ve been blogging for a day or several years, it’ always good to keep your WordPress site clean.

With 18 years of experience working in WordPress, we know a thing or two on how a site should be setup and run. With thousands of plugins, themes and options, it’s easy to setup a site on WordPress, but also easy to break it.

Our site tune up service will look over your general settings, plugins, theme, security, and overall speed. These are items that should be a focus of any site owner. No matter if you are a new blogger or have been blogging for 18 years. Standards change, WordPress changes, coding changes, and so does user experience. If you haven’t taken the time to take a dive into your site, this is the service for you.

What’s Included in Our Site Tune-up?

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1. Settings & Security

Check over WordPress settings and server security to make sure everything works smoothly. This includes general WordPress settings, SEO settings, WordPress security, and hosting server security.

2. Plugin Audit

Review and advise on plugins installed and what can be removed, changed, or added. This often helps you understand what you should use, need to get rid of, and what is causing issues on your site.

We created a free WordPress course

3. User Experience

Often forgotten, but a look at font size, color contrast, layout, and more. We provide an overview of how your site looks on mobile with colors, font sizes, and how your ads interact with the user experience.

4. Site Speed

General look at the drags on your site including theme, tracking script, third party applications, and more. You might be surprised how many things affect speed. This is not an in-depth speed audit, but a general overview giving you an idea how your site is doing.

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You receive a report of what we found while looking over your site.

Next Steps

If you need extra services, we can quote you for changes.

notice: tune ups take some time to complete. We only accept a few tune up projects at a time. If you see the ability to purchase turned off, please check back again soon.

Get Started

Our site tune ups cost $249

You can add our index check for a discounted rate