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Need Inventory to Sell Online?

This is a large problem for most that are starting out.  How do you find the proper inventory to sell online from reputable companies that will actually allow you to make a profit.  We can say that most places if you just google them will not provide great results.  Most reputable companies do not want to be located by search engines because they want people contacting them only if they are serious about their business.  We are going to provide you with a service that can get you contact with great distributors along with a way to integrate their inventory into your site.  Please note that this service is for people that have serious desires to succeed online, not just someone trying to make a quick buck.

The service we are talking about it called Inventory Source.  It is a place where you can see the inventory of certain vendors, which come from different industries so they cater many different companies.  You can sign up for free in order to see which distributors and products are offered along with the prices that you will be offered.  If you want to get inventory from any of the distributors from their service, it will cost you a certain amount per month and if you add more distributors, then it costs more.  While we do think this is a great service, please check with the distributor when you set up an account to see if they offer their inventory for free.  Most do, but some do not.  It cannot hurt to ask though.  We tell people about Inventory Source in order to get them started with great, reputable distributors that will help them succeed online.  Good luck with this little tip.

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