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Can You Make Money Online?

We bring up this topic because it is asked and talked about quite frequently, especially since the job market is floundering and slowly starting to rebound.  We want to clear up the main myth that most people do not hear or choose not to hear because it might sting a little:  Not everyone can make money online!

That’s right, we said it.  Not everyone out there can make money online.  Actually, very few people in the grand scheme of things actually make a decent living online.  The main reason for this is mainly dedication and misinformation.  There are many places out there that tell you that you can make money online with a few simple steps and they show you if you give them money for their e-book or pamphlet.  We take it from us, it is not that easy and no one will make money overnight online unless you do it illegally, which we do not condone or endorse by any means.  We want to clear up a few things for anyone looking to make money online as a full time or part time endeavor.

The main thing you need is a good idea.  There are so many websites out there and good ideas are hard to come by, but if you can put your idea to life online, then you might have a chance.  Once you get your idea, you will need to dedicate time to making it a reality.  Most people that are new to the online marketing world don’t realize that just because you make a website, people will come to it.  You need to dedicate time to marketing and SEO’ing your site properly in order to get traffic.  This can take months to a few years depending on your knowledge and dedication.  Most people we talk to have great ideas and start websites or blogs, but do not stick with them a few months down the road.  You will never have a chance to realize the potential of your website if you do not stick with it for at least 6 months to a year.  This can give you a little chance of seeing some income.

Most stories that you see online of people making 40k a month by blogging or 200k a month by using advertising programs might be true, but these people have worked hard to get where they are.  They understand that you have to dedicate your time and money wisely in order to succeed, and they know their web marketing as well.  Most of these people did not start a blog and start making money instantly.  It does not work like online, so if you are starting something with this notion, please turn back now so you are not disappointed when you do not succeed.  Dedication is the main ingredient in succeeding online and knowing how to get traffic to your site that will convert to whichever goal you wish, whether it be sales, signups, clicks out to other websites, or affiliate sales.  Once you understand this, you may have a chance to make money online, whether it be a small amount to subsidize your income or enough to live off of.  You hold your future for making money online in your own hands, so take the reins and dedicate your time to making it a reality.

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