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Are Spammers Just Getting Lazy?

Oh Spammers…..isn’t it time to try something new?  Over the past few weeks, I have had the same spammer try and get the same comment through on every post on my blog.  I mean, really?  Are you that bad of a spammer or haven’t you created something that will actually check the blog to see if your comment was rejected?  I have all of these questions because it still amazes me that people still try to mass spam everyone.  Get a better job and quit……

If I didn’t have a few good plugins to handle this spam, I would be really pissed off.  Now, I find it just comical that someone is so desperate to get their comment approved, that they just keep doing it, day after day.  Guess what Mr. Spammer, my comments are all no-follow!  So even if you somehow get passed my manual evaluations, then you will still not get a kick back to your crappy adsense website that serves no purpose.  Are you so lazy that you cannot think of a better way to get backlinks to your website or do you realize that no respecting website would actually like to link to your site?  Either way, stop being lazy and try something new….Maybe something Legitimate!

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