WordPress Malware Cleanup

Has your site been hacked?

Trust me, it’s not a good feeling to have. You see the site you’ve worked very hard on messed up by someone having fun. Most hacking attempts have no real purpose. Others can have malicious intent. Either way, hacking is not fun and seeing your hard work ruined by someone else is even worse.

We will help clean up your site from the hack and restore it to what it was before. Most hacks are due to outdated plugins, themes, or WordPress core. This is why our monthly support plans are so important. Not only do we ensure you’re up to date, but we monitor this on a regular basis for you and remove plugins deemed to be malicious.

This is for a one-time malware cleanup. We will find the malware, remove it, then update all necessary plugins, themes, and WordPress files. If we can’t update something due to an expired license, we will inform you, so we can get the files from you.

  • You get firewall and malware scanning protection from Sucuri. $175 cleanup will be added.

    Billed once per month until cancelled