Got a Need for Speed?

It’s no mystery site speed is a hot topic these days, so we built a course to make sure your site flies!
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Thank You!

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our site speed course. We are excited to offer such an in-depth course for those looking to tackle their site speed issues.

Great Features

Over 40 Lessons

We dive deep into site speed and what could be affecting your site. We show you how the pros look at site speed. As we add more lessons, you get immediate access.

Hours of Video Guides

Tutorial videos to help you understand what to look for when testing your site speed, along with real life work done on sites to show how to make the changes.

Lifetime Access

Once you buy the course, you get the course and all the changes that come with it. We want you to learn as site speed techniques change. The web is an ever evolving place so you keep access to those changes.

Private Facebook Group

You get access to our private Facebook group helping you with site speed questions but also general WordPress questions to help wherever you need it

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About Your Instructor

Grayson is the founder and CEO of iMark Interactive. He has been using WordPress since 2004 and focuses on providing guidance to those looking for help with their WordPress-powered sites. For the last year and a half, he has focused his attention on speeding up WordPress sites and teaching others how they can DIY their own speed. That’s how this course was born.

Course Curriculum

The course is jam-packed with information. Over 40 lessons with hours of videos teaching you how to understand site speed from the ground up. We aren’t stopping there. You get access to any future lessons and any changes to the lessons as they happen. Once you are a student, you have lifetime access to the content.

This course content was developed using the same strategies and techniques we use when working on site speed optimization projects. These technics are what produce results like below (these are mobile scores on Google’s Page Speed Insights).


google page speed insights test before optimization


google page speed insights test after optimization
site speed course curriculum
Get ready to throw open the hood and learn the inner workings of your site.. what’s important and, most of all, what’s NOT important. Grayson’s honest, down to earth style helped me understand what makes things tick behind the scenes and how they can function better. Right away I learned several easy fixes for problems I didn’t even realize slowed down my site. Definitely one of the most useful courses in my arsenal I’ll be returning to time and time again. Thanks for opening my eyes to the inside of my site and helping me build a better blog!
Cheryl Bennett
I’m a disaster with the tech stuff, so the idea of tackling something as significant as site speed (even with direction) was terrifying.  Thankfully, Grayson makes it super easy and crystal clear.  “Click here”, “open this tab”, “uncheck this box”…. He walks you through the steps with videos and screenshots that show you exactly where to click. I highly recommend this course, especially if you’re not tech savvy.  If you follow his directions you literally can’t screw this up.
Jennifer Lane
I can’t say enough good things about this course. I started it without having much background knowledge in the tech side of my website, and I was very intimidated that I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. But Grayson breaks it down into simple terms that anyone can understand, and he walks you through the process step-by-step. This is the most thorough course I’ve ever taken, and it gave me the tools I needed to get my website where I wanted it to be. At the start of this course, my website was scoring in the 20s for mobile (according to PSI). Now, it’s scoring in the 90s, and I’m passing all of the Core Web Vital assessments. I’m so thankful that Grayson and his team put this course together, and I highly recommend it to all my friends.
Erin – Littles Love Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for anyone who is ready to understand why their website is slow and what they can do about it. For those who aren’t afraid of making changes and trying new things. Working on site speed takes time, so this won’t be done with just a few clicks. If you use Elementor or another page builder to build your entire site, this course won’t be for you. These sites require a lot of advanced coding to fix the bloat and code mess the builders create.

When Does the Course Start and Finish?

This is a self-paced course where you can skip to any lesson you want to learn something specific. You can take your time on each lesson and nothing is timed.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

How about for as long as it’s around? You aren’t paying for limited access. You will get all the course content now and keep getting any changes or additions for as long as you want to stay in the course. No extra payments needed.

Can I Get a Certain Score in Google?

We can’t make any guarantees on a score with Google. Since these scores aren’t really used by anything but the testing tools, aiming for a score isn’t worth your time. Think about reader experience.

What Can I Expect in Terms of Site Speed

Each site is different in how they are setup, who’s hosting, and your skill level. We are providing you with the framework necessary to understand where your site lacks and what might be holding you back. You are responsible for making the changes on the site. If you are stuck, please just contact us and we might be able to help.

What If I’m Unhappy With the Course?

We pride ourselves on our reputation in the WordPress community. We want to make sure you learn something from this course. If you feel it just wasn’t a good fit for you, please contact us within 30 days and we will get you a refund. We care more about your experience than anything.

This course is currently paused for enrollment.