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A few years ago I had a friend who kept raving about this guy named Grayson who kept helping her solve her WordPress issues. I finally decided to sign up for one of the iMark Interactive WordPress support plans and it's hands down the best money I spend on my business each month. Grayson and his team are fast and excel in customer service. Now when something happens with my site, I don't panic, I just contact support and know they are on the way to help me figure out a solution.

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Hello, I’m Grayson Bell, the founder and President of iMark Interactive. I have been working inside of WordPress since 2004. Over the course of the last 14+ years, I have learned the ins and outs of this platform, but I also have a knack for figuring out problems quickly for others.

Here at iMark Interactive, we want to help those who want to use WordPress (or already do) figure out any tech issues they have. We don’t play games with your site or your money. We treat you with respect and your site like our own.

When you work with us, you get a team that knows WordPress very well. We can setup themes, fix broken sites, clean out malware, add features, provide minor design changes, and just make sure things are running like they should.

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Some Services We Offer

Quick Fix

Have an issue with your site that you're not sure about? Maybe need some CSS/font changes? Let us take care of it quickly.

We Can Help

Our quick fix service can take care of quite a few things for you. Whether is be help with plugins, themes, running updates or backups, we are here to do it.
Order Servce - $47

HTTPS Integration

Your site needs to be loading over HTTPS and if it's not, you're behind the times. Google will be labeling HTTP sites as NOT SECURE

It's Time to Get Secure

We will switch over your site and handle the redirects so all your links push to HTTPS.
Order Servce - $47

Website Domain Change

We don't all start on the domain we want, but that shouldn't stop you now. If you want to change your domain and do it right, we are here.

Get the Domain You Want

We will take care of all the technical aspects of moving to a new domain. While some hosts can do it, many don't do it right. Let's get it done right for you!
Order Servce - $157

Theme Change

If you want a new theme setup with your content to look like the theme demo, we can do that for you.

Looking Good!

Changing themes is a necessary thing when blogging. Some are good, others are terrible. We will help you change themes, along with giving you three design changes after we are done.
Order Service - $187

WordPress Support Plans

One of our most popular service is providing ongoing support for bloggers and businesses using WordPress. You don't have to worry about the tech side anymore.

We're Your Tech Team

Blogging can be chaotic and you have to wear different hats. We provide this support so you don't have to focus on tech and instead on your content and marketing!
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Site Speed Analytics

Did you know that if your site loads too slowly, people will leave and not come back? There are many things that can affect your speed.

The Faster, The Better

Page speed is not about grades. Don't be fooled by those telling you you need an "A" grade to be fast. Those are meaningless. It's all about how fast your site actually loads and we'll help!
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These are just a sampling of the services we offer bloggers and business owners using WordPress. There are just too many to list here. If you have questions about how we can help or have a specific issue you’re not sure fits as a quick fix, please just contact us using the button below. You can also use the live chat feature on the site. If we aren’t readily available, we will get back to you shortly.

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